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Media Statement on School Consolidation

As many are aware, our district is facing difficult fiscal decisions. The significant loss of enrollment trend being experienced by Santa Clara County over the past several years is projected to continue. This significant loss of enrollment along with other fiscal challenges has forced our district to consider the most difficult decision, the consolidation of schools. The Oak Grove School District Board of Trustees appointed a School Consolidation Committee comprised of staff, parents, and community members to analyze and recommend 3-5 schools to consider for closure in the 2018-19 school year. The Committee’s recommendations will focus on creating the greatest cost savings to address fiscal challenges. To date, the only decision made is that Herman, Davis, and Bernal Intermediate schools will not be recommended for closure. Eight schools have been identified to move to the next phase of the process of narrowing down a recommendation of 3-5 schools: Anderson, Baldwin, Del Roble, Frost, Glider, Oak Ridge, Miner, and Santa Teresa.

“We hope that during this very difficult time we can come together as a district, listen to each other, and trust we all want the very best for our district, students, and families. No decision is going to be easy.” – Superintendent Jose L. Manzo

This is a difficult time for all of us in Oak Grove. Parents should reach out to a school principal, my office, or even our website for accurate information. The Committee is structured to be fair, thorough, and transparent and there are many factors and data points that led to their selection. All of that information is available on the district website.   

The Board of Trustees recognizes the difficulty in considering school closures. It is a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the fiscal solvency of Oak Grove School District and ensure we fulfill our mission... “to ensure that every child’s potential is achieved”.  The school consolidation process has been structured to be fair, thorough, and transparent while keeping the best interest of our students in the forefront of this difficult process.

The Consolidation Committee expects their draft report to the Board of Trustees on December 18, to include 3-5 schools recommended for closure, boundary adjustments, and transportation. All Committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas, information, and data reviewed by the Committee as well as Community Forum dates are on our website at www.ogsd.net/apps/pages/schoolconsolidation.